The End of DesireThe End of Desire
Year: 2007
Author: M.R. Sellars
Length: 340 pages

Much like 7th Son: Descent, I picked this book up at a convention without knowing anything about it. Consequently, while this is the third book in the Miranda Trilogy, I must admit that I have not read the two prior books in the series. As such, I have tried to make my review of this book as it stands by itself, and any confusion from lack of prior knowledge is merely my fault for not having started at the beginning. Of course, after reading this book, I certainly had trouble understanding how there could have been two books before it.

First off, the plot was as slow as Louisiana molasses. So many words were spent on practically meaningless interactions that didn’t add anything to the narrative. The few scenes of action were too long in coming and too short in duration. Add to this the stupidity of the characters and you can see why many of these plot points didn’t make any sense. I mean, not only was there any common sense in the decisions of the characters, but there wasn’t much sense at all (who continues to use aspirin if it isn’t working?). Sure, if a character has mania, then their odd decisions are justified, but the others shouldn’t just go along with them. Their decisions merely seemed to be forced choices to push the plot in the direction the author had already planned.

Furthermore, for a book about witches, there weren’t a lot of “witchy” actions in it. Sure, the antagonist used some witchcraft, but the main characters did little to none of it themselves. The ending itself was unfulfilling, and the whole book probably could have been completed as an epilogue to the second book in the series (even if I never read that one). If I wanted to read a paranormal mystery with plenty of action, I should have just re-read No More Black Magic.

A long-winded and unsatisfying read, I give The End of Desire 2.0 stars out of 5.

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