DSD_1437Not to be confused with the Bavarian Motor Works company, BMW is the initials of Benjamin M. Weilert.

This begs the question: Who is Benjamin M. Weilert?

14er Climber
Rocket Scientist
Published Novelist
Movie Connoisseur
Stock Photographer

Self-taught and motivated, Benjamin M. Weilert brings a commitment to all aspects of his life. Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Benjamin pulls inspiration from a large swath of sources. From the outdoors of Colorado to classical literature to all types of art, Ben is constantly integrating his experiences into his creative endeavors.

His two most prolific creative outlets are writing and photography.
Perhaps it’s his love for good movies.
Perhaps it’s his Mechanical Engineer dad and Graphic Artist mother.
Perhaps it’s his way to balance out his technical day-job.
Whatever the reason, he’s found that he loves creating art through the written word and the lens of a camera.

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