Michael Strogoff: Courier to the CzarMichael Strogoff: Courier to the Czar
Year: 1876
Author: Jules Verne
Length: 416 pages

While we mostly know Jules Verne for his science fiction stories, it’s hard to miss the fact that his books are also quite adventurous. Even though Michael Strogoff: Courier to the Czar isn’t one of his famous works, it may be one of his best. This book was something my father wanted his children to appreciate, and now that I’ve read it a few more times, I truly understand how ahead of its time it was.

Even if Michael Strogoff isn’t explicitly a science fiction novel, Jules Verne still sneaks plenty of science into this race across Russia to save the life of the Czar’s brother. Of course, since it is an adventure novel, Michael Strogoff certainly has a lot of adventure between Moscow and Irkutsk, with some scenes feeling like they were pulled out of a modern action film. The tension of sneaking behind enemy lines to deliver an important message never lets up. I don’t want to give too much away, but there are quite a few well-written twists that show Verne’s mastery of this “Russian James Bond.”

Of course, there are still some tropes that are an artifact of the time when it was written. Cultural stereotypes are present and the age difference between Michael (a 30-year-old man) and Nadia (a 16-year-old girl) is uncomfortable considering how the story ends. Also, Verne describes Michael as this specimen of a man that borders on eye-rolling machismo. Still, there are plenty of interesting characters, including Alcide Jolivet and Harry Blount, who provide some humor in an otherwise serious adventure. If you like Jules Verne books, you’d definitely like Michael Strogoff.

A hidden gem of a Jules Verne adventure, I give Michael Strogoff: Courier to the Czar 4.5 stars out of 5.

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