The Null ProphecyThe Null Prophecy
Year: 2017
Author: Michael Guillen
Length: 424 pages


As far as “end of the world” books go, this one is a new take on the apocalypse genre. From my knowledge of space weather and its effects on our world, I can say that aspects of this book are entirely plausible. That being said, I have minimal knowledge of the quantum vacuum, so I have merely chalked the plot points surrounding it to magical hand-waving to get the story to go where it needs to. While I would have enjoyed an apocalyptic story that didn’t blame humans for their own destruction, The Null Prophecy only met me half-way.

What often comes across as “preachy,” the occasional mentions of green energy doing more harm than good do bring up an interesting point: in our race to solve the fossil fuel crisis, have we considered all the consequences of these newer energy-producing methods? When it comes to advancing the technological prowess of our world, the quote from Jurassic Park(1993) comes to mind. “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could; they didn’t stop to think if they should.” The Null Prophecy merely takes this idea and points an accusing finger at a humanity that wants to unlock the “quantum toolbox.”

One aspect of this book that I found refreshing was the representation of intellectual Christians. So often, the portrayal of Christians as backward, scientifically-illiterate nut jobs who disregard anything science has to say by fiercely holding onto their Biblical beliefs is far from the truth. While there is such a character in this book, the main character provides a solid counterargument to a scientific society who has made their ego their god. Parts of science need just as much faith as a belief in God, but whenever mentioning the “f-word,” scientists scoff and immediately close their minds to any other interpretation of the world they live in. I applaud the author for creating a realistic character who has her apologetics well thought out to show that you can be intellectual and scientifically learned and still be a Christian.

A semi-realistic doomsday scenario with a non-stereotypical Christian protagonist, I give The Null Prophecy 4.0 stars out of 5.

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