Pokémon PlatinumPokémon Platinum Version
Year: 2009
Rating: E
Time Played: 88.65 hours

Even though I was a fan of the Pokémon series growing up, when the main-line games transitioned over to the Nintendo DS, I couldn’t justify buying the new system at the time. I felt the dual-screen/touch screen format was a bit of a gimmick (which I still do, to an extent). However, fast forward a good decade or so when I finally gave in and bought a New Nintendo 3DS. This now meant I could play a sizable back catalog of games, including the Pokémon games I had missed since the change over to the DS.

Fortunately, because I had waited so long, I could jump right into the 4th Generation games with the more complete Pokémon Platinum Version. Having now played at least one game from each Generation all the way through (I’m still working on Gen. 8, though), I think Pokémon Platinum provides the best experience of any Generation. Not only was I able to catch all three of the legendary mascot Pokémon, but there were so many classic and new Pokémon to catch that I was never bored with the gameplay. Plus, I enjoyed the time and space storyline presented in this Generation.

And while there have been graphical and slight gameplay changes since Pokémon Platinum, the challenge holds up over time. I felt truly accomplished after defeating Cynthia, and the post-game content (especially the Heatran storyline) was vast enough to keep me playing well after my name was etched in the hall of fame. Sure, some of the connectivity to play/trade with others no longer exists, but the base game is so expansive as to make this almost a moot point for me. It’s only a shame that it takes such gymnastics to get my favorite Pokémon from this game all the way up to the current games.

Probably the best Pokémon game to date, I give Pokémon Platinum Version 4.5 stars out of 5.

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