Year: 2013
Author: Susan Krinard
Length: 384 pages

My knowledge of Norse mythology is passable at best. Granted, much of it I “learned” from movies like Thor (2011), so I understand that there’s an amount of fictionalization to my knowledge. That being said, Mist seemed to take this pop-culture understanding of Norse mythology and transplant it into modern-day San Francisco. While solidly in the New Adult genre (there is plenty of sex and allusions to it here), I can’t say that anything is interesting here in terms of story. Sure, there are a few things that happen, but they all seem to be alluding to much more exciting developments that won’t happen until later in the series.

One of my biggest qualms with this book was that I didn’t connect with the main character. Mist felt very “Mary Sue” to me. I found the more common elements of her existence (e.g., her employment, grocery shopping, laundry, etc.) were mentioned in passing but never given much weight to ground her in the reality of San Francisco. Additionally, there were plenty of illogical or unexplained actions that she took that I only assumed were to progress the story in the way that it was supposed to happen.

As for the action in this book, it is certainly hectic. At times, it’s also confusing as to what is precisely going on, even to the point of being action for action’s sake. Sure, it’s paced pretty well throughout, and it helps show the growth of the titular character, but I started skimming over these sequences after a while. In the end, maybe Norse mythology isn’t for me. Or at least I am not really into the modern-setting Norse mythology presented in books like this. It’s an interesting concept, but it feels too constrained to the urban and doesn’t allow more of the fantasy to shine through.

A passable New Adult Norse urban fantasy, I give Mist 2.5 stars out of 5.

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