Zombieland: Double TapZombieland: Double Tap
Year: 2019
Rating: R
Length: 99 minutes / 1.65 hours

It’s a little weird to me that it’s been a full decade since Zombieland (2009) came out. While I thought the original film was goofy and fun, it has since gained a bit of a cult following. What’s weirder to me is how—in the years since the original—many of the cast of this franchise have gone on to be nominated for (and in some cases won) Oscars for their acting talent. It’s no wonder the advertisements for Zombieland: Double Tap (2019) have picked up on this fact and used it to promote another ridiculous foray into the self-aware satire of zombie films.

While I do admit that Zombieland: Double Tap does require having seen the first film to pick up on its numerous references, I also knew that its comedy would be as smart as its predecessor. I appreciated this wit, especially with a few literary references thrown in (like to Of Mice and Men). However, even if its dialogue is smart and snappy, the characters themselves are relatively one-dimensional and flat. Sure, putting a couple of different stereotypes together in an “end of the world” scenario is fun to watch. However, there isn’t much substance there past the tropes—even to the point where another identical set of characters comes along to show how crazy the team-up is.

Despite not trying anything significantly new, Zombieland: Double Tap does seem to improve on its predecessor, even if it’s in predictable ways. After all, it’s still the same “road trip” movie wrapped in the skin of the living dead. There isn’t much explanation of the zombies (either how they got there, or why they were evolving). Instead, new stereotypical characters are brought on board to mix up the inter-character dynamic from the first film in a way that seems logical in its progression from the first movie to the next. At this point, I’m expecting whatever the third installment of this series is to include some sub-plot about pregnancy; it’s that predictable.

Another fun romp in a world filled with creative, floating text, I give Zombieland: Double Tap 3.5 stars out of 5.

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