Lives of Unstoppable HopeLives of Unstoppable Hope
Year: 2015
Author: Stant Litore
Length: 124 pages

As a Colorado author, I often run across other authors at conventions in the state. I’ve seen Stant at a few of the conventions, the most recent being Mile-Hi Con 2016. Because I’m connected to the Colorado author community, I saw some of my author friends post that this book of his was available on Kindle for a very affordable price. While I haven’t officially introduced myself to Stant Litore, after reading this book, I may want to because it really spoke to me on a deep and emotional level.

I appreciated Stant’s open and intimate look into the life of him and his family, especially in light of the medical struggles of his daughter, Inara. I’m sure I would be hard pressed to find anyone who hasn’t had at least some member of their family in some sort of hopeless medical condition, be it a parent, spouse, or child. Having had some of my own struggles with a medical issue affecting someone I love, his examination of the Beatitudes was helpful for me to read in a time of doubt and depression.

Not only was there a depth of knowledge of the original language of this Biblical passage, but his ability to show the applicability of it in difficult circumstances was especially on point. I can only imagine the strength of spirit needed to live a life of unstoppable hope, but clearly, Stant’s foundation in the Lord gives him the ability to share the miraculous victories God has provided in a situation that could easily have gone much worse.  The Beatitudes has always been a section of the gospel open to many interpretations, but Stant’s slant on it certainly makes it an encouraging piece. I only wish it was longer so I could read more of Stant’s meaningful examination.

A short book that can help readers through difficult times, I give Lives of Unstoppable Hope 4.5 stars out of 5.

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