BOOK: Supernova (2019)

Supernova Year: 2019 Author: Marissa Meyer Length: 992 minutes / 16.53 hours If there’s one thing I appreciate about Marissa Meyer’s writing, it’s that she has a conclusive ending in three to four books. The Lunar Chronicles wrapped up everything nice and tight in four books, and the Renegades trilogy does the same thing with […]

BOOK: Renegades (2017)

RenegadesYear: 2017Author: Marissa MeyerLength: 1,018 minutes / 16.97 hours After having finished Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, it pleased me to learn that her next major series was about superheroes. After all, the fairy tale sci-fi retelling was great, but its source material always felt like it was for girls. Just like getting the choice of […]

BOOK: Stars Above (2016)

Stars AboveYear: 2016Author: Marissa MeyerLength: 581 minutes / 9.63 hours Something I feel is underappreciated in book series is when authors don’t try to cram in as much material and side stories as possible to pad each of the books to be longer than they should be. Keeping the core books of a series concise […]

BOOK: Winter (2015)

WinterYear: 2015Author: Marissa MeyerLength: 1,384 minutes / 23.07 hours If there’s one thing I appreciate with a series, it’s when all the loose ends are tied up by the end. In the fourth and final installment in the Lunar Chronicles series, Marissa Meyer manages to wrap up all the disparate parts of the story that […]

BOOK: Fairest (2015)

Fairest: Levana’s Story Year: 2015 Author: Marissa Meyer Length: 392 minutes / 6.53 hours I’m not sure when it happened, but somewhere in the last decade or so, the idea of “redeemable villains” took off. So many stories had antagonists that had their heinous acts justified by some past trauma that somehow made them more […]


There are plenty of books that belong to a coherent universe. I’ll often progress through these series in chronological order, writing reviews about the individual parts. To gain a sense of the series as a whole, I have collected many of these series here. Hopefully, this should make the individual parts of the series easy […]

BOOK: Cinder (2012)

Cinder Year: 2012 Author: Marissa Meyer Length: 602 minutes / 10.03 hours For years, I had heard of The Lunar Chronicles and thought people were referring to the two Sega Saturn video games, Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. However, seeing as most people haven’t heard of these video games, I eventually figured out that they referred […]

BOOK: Scarlet (2013)

Scarlet Year: 2013 Author: Marissa Meyer Length: 679 minutes / 11.32 hours I continue to be impressed with Marissa Meyer’s ability to weave a compelling narrative based on common fairy tale themes but set in a sci-fi framework. A continuation of the story that started in Cinder, Scarlet felt a little distracted as it added […]