Pokémon XPokémon X
Year: 2013
Rating: E
Time Played: 36.37 hours

When I finally bought a 3DS, one of the games I had missed (that I quickly rectified) was Pokémon X. I appreciated all the legendary Pokémon given out as part of the 20th anniversary of the Generation 1 games. Still, I didn’t get around to playing through this game until after Pokémon Sun came out. For the first game in the series to be fully 3D, I certainly enjoyed the look and polish of it, even if the stereoscopic abilities of the 3DS weren’t used as much as they should have been. After all, with everything rendered with 3D visuals, I want the full game to use the ability of the hardware to display in 3D.

After playing the much more difficult Generation 5 games, I did enjoy how much easier they made Pokémon X. Granted, they kind of overdid it with the sharp drop in difficulty. Still, I also think they were trying to regain the younger audience to the franchise after people like me grew up and grew out of it (although, obviously not entirely out of it). Plus, I liked the new Mega Evolution mechanic in this game and was sorely disappointed when most of the items used for Mega Evolution were locked in the post-game.

I forgave a lot when playing this game, just by the very nature of its stunning visuals. Even if it was easy, it was gorgeous to look at. Unfortunately, partly because it was so easy, I found no reason to stick around for the post-game. Even if I could have eventually found the Mega Evolution stones and caught Mewtwo, I read through what to do to accomplish this, and it seemed like such a hassle—especially when I had other games to play.

A fantastic jump into 3D at the cost of difficulty, I give Pokémon X 4.0 stars out of 5.

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